Moderates in every faith are obliged to loosely interpret (or simply ignore) much of their canons in the interest of living in the modern world.

(Sam Harris: "The End of Faith")



Muslims are becoming more and more annoyed when non-Muslims criticize their sacred book, the Quran, or their moral code, called Sharia Law.
The most elaborately decorated Quran of the 21st Century was published last November after nine years in preparation.
During his lifetime, Muhammad reacted differently at different times to Jews and Christians depending on the reception they accorded him and also on his dealings with Christian states.
Be aware! When Muslims tell you that Muhammad espoused universal equality, equal rights for women, and a “perfected” religion, they may be quoting from a fake “Final Sermon” of Muhammad.
When asked where in the Quran does it say that, Muslims cannot cite a verse. It just isn’t there – at least in those words.
Muslim street preachers and mall ministries are working desperately to connect with the American public.
A firestorm has erupted in the 2016 US Presidential election campaign over whether a Muslim could become President. Technically, the answer is “yes” because the Constitution says there shall be no religious test for the office of the President.
The world is facing the greatest emigration crisis since World War II. The word “emigration” is used because people are definitely leaving their homeland, but it also clear that their ability to legally immigrate into other countries is yet to be decided. The waves of emigrants leaving war-torn Middle East and North Africa have overwhelmed the Western countries’ national security apparatus and the resources of humanitarian aid organizations. Many innocent people are dying. The natural response in the West is “Let’s do something!”
If you suggest to a Muslim that ISIS represents Islam in its purest form, he/she will protest like a wet hen. Still, ISIS has been able to recruit over 35,000 devout Muslim volunteers from 44 countries around the world.
One of the criticisms of the anti-Islamic protests in the U.S. is that the protesters never mention any of the good things that are done by Arabs or Muslims. Actually, they have tried to show some balance, but there is not much to commend. Here is how Arabs and Muslims measure up based on some generally accepted international standards: