Politics & Socio-Politics

Title Author Date
Short Memories and Bad Attitudes Alan Caruba 3/18/2004
Surrender is Not an Option Alan Caruba 7/14/2007
Hanukkah 2004: No More Compromises Alan Caruba 12/30/2004
Sleeping With the Saudi Enemy Alan Caruba 8/8/2004
The World And The Middle East Alan Caruba 5/16/2004
Atomic Iran: The Open Secret Alan Caruba 4/22/2002
Is There Any Hope For Africa? Alan Caruba 9/13/2005
The Lebanese Dilemma Alan Caruba 7/25/2005
After Arafat Alan Caruba 11/6/2004
Vote Like Your Life Depended on It Alan Caruba 10/24/2006
The Fate of Lebanon and the Rest of Us Alan Caruba 7/15/2006
Past and Future Holocausts Alan Caruba 6/19/2006
Goose-Stepping Iranians Alan Caruba 4/23/2006
High Stakes in the Holy Land Alan Caruba 2/4/2006
War with Iran is Inevitable Alan Caruba 12/17/2005
The Enemy of the World Alan Caruba 12/21/2005
Mortal Fortitude Vs. Vacillation Alan Caruba 3/31/2002
Living on the Edge of Destruction: Alan Caruba 5/12/2008
Is Saudi Arabia Our Enemy Too? Alan Caruba 12/23/2003
Arab Delusions and Defeats Alan Caruba 12/25/2003
The Dogs of War & the Winds of Change in the Middle East Alan Caruba 9/20/2003
The UN’s Durban II Hate-Fest Alan Caruba 4/18/2009
Pakistan Implodes Alan Caruba 5/3/2009
The Turmoil in the Middle East Alan Caruba 6/20/2009
Who's to Blame? Who Do You Think??? Alan Caruba 9/30/2003
Iran’s Mullahs Threaten the World Alan Caruba 6/28/2009
The Palestinian Roadmap to War Alan Caruba 8/7/2003
The Middle East Maze Alan Caruba 8/15/2009
The African Dilemma Alan Caruba 7/28/2003
At War with Iran for Thirty Years Alan Caruba 9/19/2009
Every Day is Groundhog Day in the Middle East Alan Caruba 10/31/2009
Jihad, Suicide, Murder & Lies Alan Caruba 5/20/2003
The Roadmap to Nowhere Alan Caruba 5/1/2003
The Muslim House of Mirrors Alan Caruba 10/7/2009
The Ayatollahs are Asking for It Alan Caruba 2/11/2010
Even Arabs Don't Like Arabs Alan Caruba 3/31/2003
Memories of Munich, Threats from Tehran Alan Caruba 5/23/2010
Awaiting Armageddon Alan Caruba 6/13/2010
NASA’s Mission to the Muslims Alan Caruba 7/9/2010
The Muddle East Alan Caruba 8/24/2010
How I Learned to Love the Bomb Alan Caruba 9/4/2010
No Peace for the Israelis Alan Caruba 9/8/2010
The Peace of Israel Alan Caruba 3/5/2011
Welcome to the Middle East. We're All Crazy Here. Alan Caruba 4/7/2011
The Iranian Armageddon Alan Caruba 4/10/2011
The Syrian Horror Show Alan Caruba 7/23/2011
Bush and Obama, Both Wrong About the Middle East Alan Caruba 5/2/2012
The Middle East Mess Alan Caruba 5/18/2012
The Perfidious Pakistanis Alan Caruba 6/9/2012
Desperate Middle East Regimes Alan Caruba 11/29/2011
Christianity’s Triumph Alan Caruba 12/18/2011
Israel v. Iran: A War of Words Alan Caruba 2/29/2012
Abandoning the Middle East Alan Caruba 8/12/2013
Watching Islam Change Alan Caruba 10/25/2013
Leaving Afghanistan Alan Caruba 12/26/2013
The War on Arabic Rayyan Al-Shawaf 6/4/2007
State and Citizen Rayyan Al-Shawaf 1/11/2007
Empowering Women and Minorities in the Arab World Rayyan Al-Shawaf 10/22/2006
Iraq’s Sunni Arabs Hold Key to Country’s Stability Rayyan Al-Shawaf 10/22/2006
The Perils of Democracy Rayyan Al-Shawaf 9/24/2006
Lebanon’s “Culture of Resistance” Rayyan Al-Shawaf 10/9/2006
Hizbullah and the Future of Lebanon Rayyan Al-Shawaf 9/7/2006
The Return of Arab Nationalism? Rayyan Al-Shawaf 9/7/2006
Ridding Iran of this Lunatic Bassam Darwich 9/27/2007
2008 Olympics: Why Intolerant Societies Can’t Jump Louis Palme 8/25/2008
Thomas Jefferson’s Quran Louis Palme 6/7/2009
How Egyptian President Morsi Dismantled Democracy Louis Palme 8/18/2013
Religion and Politics Louis Palme 11/3/2012
Stop the Occupation of Lebanon Ziad K. Abdelnour 4/27/2003
Bring Back That Old Religion Ohmyrus 8/15/2006
Ahmadinejad in New York Anonymous 9/27/2007
Hezbollha's Missing Financial Audit Elias Bejjani 8/21/2006
Is This Who Should Head UNESCO? Valentina Colombo 9/4/2009
Book Burning, UNESCO and Arab Moderates Valentina Colombo 6/12/2009
Mohammad Morsi’s Election: Has Democracy Really Won the Day? Valentina Colombo 7/3/2012
The Election in Egypt Valentina Colombo 5/26/2012
Barack Obama's Muslim Childhood Daniel Pipes 5/4/2008
Who Was Responsible for Decisive Aid to Israel in 1948 Dr. Norman Berdichevsky 7/30/2010
The Mizrahim and Sephardim in Israel Dr. Norman Berdichevsky 8/15/2010
Arab-Jewish Collaboration During the Palestine Mandate Dr. Norman Berdichevsky 8/15/2010
Two Partitions: India (1947) and Palestine (1948) Dr. Norman Berdichevsky 9/7/2010