J. Ahmed Salib / Mar 22, 2006

Afghani Moslems--Have a Little RAHMA For Your Ex-Brother Abdul Rahman!



An Afghan man is on trial for apostasy, or the “crime” of converting out of Islam. (This is only one of the many, many, many problems of having an Islamic government, which is almost worse than being a Moslem.)


Interestingly, his conversion even wasn't a recent one! The big switch happened sixteen years ago, but the man, Abdel Rahman, wasn't turned in until recently. You see, he was turned in because someone didn't want him to gain custody of his two daughters.


These discord-makers are none other than Abdel Rahman's own family. That's right, it was his family that turned him in, even though they had to know that, in their country, he would be put to death for what is a crime to them, but what empirically is the best and most wise decision in the world!


A very interesting thing to note, for the reader who does not speak Arabic, is that "Abdel Rahman" means "Servant of the Beneficent One," (Moslem names frequently translate to "Servant of the ____ ," where the ____ is filled in by one of the 99 names of the Moslem Allah).


So, again, "Rahman" means "Beneficent."


“Beneficent” means “Characterized by or performing acts of kindness or charity,” according to the dictionary.


The twisted and warped government should take a hint from one of the names of their own god!


Have kindness for this poor man, Afghanistan! The faith that is causing his body to be broken (and his life to potentially end earlier than it could have, perhaps) is merely a product of his trying to save his soul from certain death in the afterlife!


How would you like it if you were put on trial for your faith??


It would never happen, though, don't worry... no one else in the world would ever actually KILL SOMEONE for believing something proscribed, or other than the PREscribed religion; only someone twisted and scared would do that. (I guess they can dish it out but they can't take it!)


You know, I believe this sword mentality—kill them before they kill you!—stems from the primevalness of the time, and from Mohammed's fear that he would be outnumbered and put out of commission, that his fledgling cult would have the rug yanked from under it.


In all fairness to the “prophet,” I don't blame him for his shenanigans; I would probably do the same thing if I were in the Cult-manufacturing business!


In the interest of staying on task, I would like to draw your attention to an official response to public inquiries, put out by the Embassy of Afghanistan.


From the Christian Newswire in WASHINGTON, March 22, 2006:

“The Embassy of Afghanistan greatly appreciates public concern about Mr. Abdul Rahman. We have received a significant number of inquiries about Mr. Rahman’s case, which initially involved a civil lawsuit in child custody filed by his family.

Please note that the Government of Afghanistan is fully aware of and pursuing the best ways to resolve Mr. Rahman’s case judicially. “

The only “case” there should be is the child custody one! Who in his right mind would put a person on trial for dropping out of their religion, or belonging to “the wrong one”??

“It is too early to draw any conclusion about the punishment, and we appreciate public understanding of the sensitivity of religious issues.”

We appreciate the sensitivity OF religious issues, but this is ridiculous. What civilized person or nation (I don’t mean this in a “third-world” VS “first-world” sense) would even drop the WORD “Punishment” when discussing a person’s right to religion??

“Afghanistan’s judicial system is currently evaluating questions raised about the mental fitness of Mr. Rahman, the results of which may end the proceedings.”

So you’re telling me that mental fitness has something to do with it? Like if he is found unfit to stand trial, he won’t be put to death for leaving Islam?

Or if he is found insane, he’ll be put to death “for his own good”? Perhaps the insanity plea IS the best way to go, however—that way, he can say “I was insane, that’s why I converted! I would HAVE to be insane to leave the loving and peaceful religion you’re trying to force me back into!”

“Hence we kindly request that the judicial process be given time to resolve Mr. Rahman’s case.”

Again, it’s SO SAD that there even needs to BE a judicial process for the ridiculous un-crime of apostasy.

I think it’s very interesting how Islam treats people so differently—Jizia for non-Moslems, Taqeya to deal with non-Moslems, calling blacks “slaves” (abeed), and the fact that “those who are not Moslems” are not held to the same strict standards as Moslems are, although, as Dr Wafaa Sultan’s recent debating partner, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khouli, told her on Al Jazeera:

“If you are a heretic, there is no point in rebuking you, since you have blasphemed against Islam, the Prophet, and the Koran...”

As though she wasn’t good enough anymore, by virtue of being a non-Moslem.

But to return to the final part of the press release from the Afghani Embassy..

“The Constitution of Afghanistan provides protection for freedom of religion. The Government of Afghanistan will ensure that the constitutional rights of its citizens, international principles, and the due judicial process are respected and implemented.”

Again... If they provided protection for freedom of religion, there would BE NO TRIAL against this poor man!

This is why, if we want to be able to live together happily and freely (which I think will never happen, as it said in the Bible, and more recently, by Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad Al-Kubeisi, on the new 24-hour Arabic-language Islamic channel, Al-Resalah, put out by Prince al-Waleed bin Talal Abdel Aziz of Saudi Arabia), Islamic rule—and, in fact, Islam itself—must be abolished!


J. Ahmed Salib, M.D.



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