Bassam Darwich / Oct 21, 2002

11,445,638.00 Iraqi citizens went to the voting booths on the 16th of this month to say "yes" or "no" to seven more years of Saddam Hussein. All the 11,445,638.00 votes came out positive. Not even one citizen amongst those who voted said "NO" to president Saddam!

"The official results" of the election were not so sur
prising! Saddam won the last of the zillion elections by 99.999% and he is definitely entitled to some kind of appreciation over time. Moreover, these "official results" of 99.999% or so, are not unusual in Arab countries. The unexpected surprise was when the "official results" stated that the 11,445,638.00 citizens who went to the voting booths represent the total number of the citizens eligible to vote. In other words, voter turnout was at 100%!

What's more amazing is that there are still some government leaders in the free world, who believe that they should give Saddam Hussein a chance to
prove that he is not lying about his possession of weapons of mass destruction. They still give the crook some credibility!

Well, let's put it this way. 11,445,638.00 Iraqi citizens were eligible to vote; all of them went to the voting booths, and all of them said "YES to Saddam!"

Therefore, we must
presume that out of all the citizens eligible to vote, none of them happened to be in intensive care and thus not be able to make it to the voting booth on that Election Day.

On that glorious day, no Iraqi woman was unconscious after a serious cesarean operation during which she gave birth to new Iraqi baby who will grow up and say "YES" to Saddam as soon as he could talk.

On that glorious day, no Iraqi citizen amongst those who are eligible to vote missed the election after he fell in one of the many holes in the streets of
Baghdad on his way to perform his patriotic duty, and consequently was taken to the hospital for a broken back and leg.

Even, that Iraqi citizen who died a few hours before the beginning of the election, and forgot to request from his parents in his will to go and delete his name from the eligible voters list. Even this
proud citizen, had to ask a special permission from Allah, to leave his coffin for an hour so that he would not be blamed for spoiling the "official results!"


If 10 million Iraqi Muslims were asked to go to the voting booths to state their opinions about whether they do or do not believe in Allah or Muhammad, the official results would certainly not be 100% positive. He would only be lying to himself, he who truly thinks that there is not even one Muslim who doesn't give a damn about Allah or Muhammad. So, is it possible that Saddam Hussein is, in the eyes of the Iraqi people, greater than Allah and Muhammad?

One may ask, "For how long would the Arab leaders, especially Saddam Hussein, be able to keep ridiculing the intelligence of their people?" and the answer is as simple as, "as long as these people are satisfied with humiliation relying on Allah for assistance, and as long as they keep believing in the most reiterated Arabic popular adage, "the op
pressive hand that you cannot fight, keep kissing it while you're asking Allah to cut it off!"

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