Alan Caruba / Oct 24, 2006

The political pundits all tell us that Americans have grown weary of the bloodshed in Iraq and the loss of our troops sent to topple Saddam Hussein and help the Iraqis establish a working, secular democracy. They say the Democrat Party will win and, true to their promise, will begin to “redeploy” our troops from there and Afghanistan.


The Republicans and the Bush Administration urge us to stay the course in its efforts to transform the Middle East and defuse the Islamic threat to the United States and the West.


One thing Americans know for sure is that we are no longer safe from attack in our homeland. We learned that on 9-11, but that awful day recedes now in our collective memory. The experts tell us America will be attacked again.


So, on Election Day we must vote as if our lives depended on it, because they do.


The reason is almost too obvious, but it is human nature to deny it. The deliberate murder of millions of people in the name of Islam is not just hard to grasp, but too horrible to contemplate. Let it be said, however, Islam is in love with death. At the core of this warrior cult is the suicide bomber who takes his own life in order to kill others.


Just briefly consider Islam in the latter part of the last century and what it promises as this new one begins.


There probably will never be a full accounting for the millions of Iraqis murdered under the regime of Saddam Hussein, but in the course of the Iraq war against Iran it is estimated that more than a million died and the war against Kuwait cost thousands more. This year, by the end of May, the bodies of 6,000 people had filled Baghdad’s main mortuary as sectarian violence raged out of control. It continues unabated.


The tally of the war dead in Lebanon was the result of a deliberate provocation against the Israelis who had withdrawn their forces from there in 2000. Its brief “Cedar Revolution” died at the hands of Hezbollah, a militant Islamic movement determined to control Lebanon and devoted to the destruction of Israel. On its southern border, Israel keeps a watchful eye on Hamas and Fatah, two Palestinian factions currently killing one another.


In Afghanistan, the Soviet invasion cost many lives and the civil war that occurred in its aftermath may have cost a million more. Determined to impose Islamic law on that nation, the incipient democracy is at risk from a rejuvenated Taliban. They, in turn, have been ceded much of Pakistan by its current government, a military dictatorship.


In the Sudan, the Moslem government there has sanctioned a war on Christians and others estimated to have cost 2.6 million to 3 million lives. Darfur has entered our lexicon as yet another definition of genocide.


In Algeria, Jihadists waged a war of independence from France that cost between 500,000 and a million lives. Its civil war in the 1990s took another 100,000 lives.


Jihadists in Indonesia are responsible for an estimated 400,000 killed with an additional 100,000 to 200,000 in East Timor. In Somalia, an estimated 400,000 to 500,000 died in its civil war and the Jihadists have returned to take control of that nation. In 1971, it is estimated that three million Bangladeshis died and ten million refugees fled to the safety of neighboring India to escape soldiers from West Pakistan.


India has a long history of wars and attacks by Moslems, the most recent being a terror bombing in Mumbai.


Moslem nations are charnel houses with names like Chechnya, Chad, Kosovo, Yemen.

Then consider where death by Moslem hands has spread to places such as Beslan in Russia, Madrid in Spain, London in the United Kingdom, African nations, and of course our own nation.


Moslems have killed other Moslems at weddings, at funerals, in market places. They have killed Israelis in discothèques, pizza parlors, and where they gathered to celebrate their holy days. They have killed American soldiers billeted in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.


The Moslem rivers of blood flow wherever they live in great numbers because nothing in Islam encourages either tolerance or brotherhood despite its many claims. According to an Islamic encyclopedia, Islam is divided into 72 different sects and sub-sects, each with its own belief system.


We know about the Shiites and the Sunnis, but there are many more sects and each believes they are the possessors of the real Islam. The Hadith, a collection of Islamic interpretations of the Koran, instructs Moslems to kill anyone suspected of creating disunity in Islam.


Infidels—unbelievers—may be put to the sword for their refusal to accept Islam. There is no central authority for Islam. There is only the Ummah, the Moslem people. There are more than a billion of them.


Europe has slowly awakened to the deadly threat within its bosom as France exploded into weeks of warfare between its Moslem population and all others. French police say they are fighting an “Intifada” with Muslims there.


England recently thwarted the mass murder of international travelers plotted by Moslems following the murder of people on London’s buses and in subways. Spain saw hundreds slain on commuter trains. The Netherlands has been the scene of murder committed in the name of Islam.


On November 7, Americans will go to the polls to decide whether we want to remain engaged in the resistance to Islam in faraway places, as well as at home.


We shall have to vote as if our lives and the lives of our children depended on it, because it will.


Alan Caruba writes a weekly column, “Warning Signs”, posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center, His book, “Right Answers: Separating Fact from Fantasy”, has been published by Merril Press.


© Alan Caruba, 2006

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