Nabeel Fawzi / Feb 05, 2006

The difference between us and you


We make fun of everything including ourselves

You can’t take yourselves lightly


We respect all people even if they are different from us

You want to kill whoever is different from you


We explore things

You believe that you already know everything


We always try to know our positives and negatives

You think you are full of positives and with no negatives


We are self conscious

You are self absorbed


We invent things

You use the things we invent


We feel sorry for you

You hate us, are jealous of our progress


We forget that you exist until you create problems-again

You are obsessed with your theories about us


We value the person, any person

You value one person and only that person


We value the person for his or her work

You value the person who comply with your values only


We take responsibility for our errors

You blame us for your errors


We open our homes for you

You think that we are stupid and you take advantage of that

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