Anonymous / May 10, 2006

Good afternoon. I am Lorena, a Romanian MA student living in London (hopefully not for long.) I am well-travelled, well-read and rather more open-minded than not; nevertheless, whenever I happen to travel to yet another European country, usually in the interest of my studies, I cannot help but wonder endlessly whatever is wrong with these people.

You might assume that, given the contents of your website, whom I mean are Muslims. Nothing is further from the truth. I do not wonder at all what is wrong with Muslims; I know already. Compared to Europeans, nothing is wrong with them; it is only natural and logical for them to eat like moths into our culture until their jaws hurt. It is logical to breed like rats when our taxpayers support their offspring. It is logical to take this offspring to the Finsbury Park mosque where preachings are hissed about how each Muslim should ''shed unbelievers' blood''; since all this is legal and encouraged in every way, it is only logical for them to take advantage.


Instead what I truly wonder is what the hell could be so awfully wrong with all the people other than Muslims. Are they blind, deaf and mute at the same time? Are they suicidal? Did they take leave of being persons altogether, are they reduced to behaving in a way no more effective than the way of vegetables in a garden?

Fact: Multiculturalism (equals pro-Islam) is force-fed to people, trumpeted in their ears and micro chipped in their brains just like communist propaganda used to be once in my own country. But to the difference of communist propaganda, no one resists multiculturalism and pro-islamization. It is the trendy way, the wanted way, the way. Adopt it not and you are fiercefully taxed- starting with your next doors and very best friends.

My best childhood friend, a Romanian MA graduate is married to a leftish idealist utopian English PhD student. What these people have in common is that they are monstrously clever. She is also the kindest person I have ever met, with a brilliant personality and beyond doubt one of the people I would give my life for. Yet a few weeks ago she pushed me in the street. Pushed me hard and shouted at me; shouted that I should ''start behaving like a civilised person''. Because these days in London it is uncivilised that your friend should teasingly express an opinion such as that in some 50 years the UK will be a colony of Pakistan. It was a joke anyway. This wonderful couple also reacts like you are poking their balls with a hot iron rod if you dare mention that Muslims have a backward mentality or that islamization affects European societies in ways not so nice as they should think. They deny terrorism.

One could easily categorize him; he is a young, intellectual English atheist according to whom the benefit of having a kebab and curry shop every five meters these days is far more relevant than the danger of having mosques take over churches and Muslims pull down museums in 100 years' time. As for losing a cultural identity based on Judaeo-Christian values- he doesn't give a flying (f***) fuck. He would eat as well (maybe not read Communist books as well) in an islamized society.

Yet what about her? She is Orthodox Christian, like me and like mostly everybody in our part of Eastern Europe. She has a BA and a MA in Cultural European Studies.

What is wrong with these people?!


Now let me take you on a trip to my local library- the Idea Store in the council of Tower Hamlets (East London.) It may be local, but it is a very prestigious library with quite a few branches. It is huge and membership is free = there is permanently a majority of Muslims inside. During daytime and week-ends this translates into a place where Muslim ladies come to chat, allowing their children to run wild and scream. If they obviously never think to keep their children near them or to forbid them from shouting it is not out of wickedness; they simply can't realise that a library is not the substitute for open fields and that people go there to do research, not to exchange bleaching products and the neighbourhood gossip.

All this is a piece of cake, and a sweet one at that. Here comes the real problem. There is an ''Islamic'' book collection (not that I have heard of the existence of a Christian or Jewish one, or Buddhist or Shinto, or Hindu or...) which contains a few tens of books only God knows where they have scraped up from. Out of sheer interest I proceeded to read some in my free time. The following are extracts:

- ''The invitations of non-Mulsims should be turned down, because there is a goal to belittle the unbelievers (...)''

-'' Western women are sex-objects.''

-''A woman must have sex with her husband at any time, in any position he desires, as many times as he wants to, even if she doesn't want it.''

-''A woman must abandon all other activities immediately, including the baking of bread, in order to have sex with her husband when he asks for it.''


Apart from that whole chapters were found to preach (not even ''recommend''; they openly preach it as the only right way and highest norm) physical violence towards women and its acceptance by the latter, polygamy, hate for people of other faiths that are constantly referred to as ''unbelievers'' and ''infidels''- attitudes that in the UK fall under the incidence of the law. Almost everything that is preached in the Islamic Collection of the Idea Store Library in Tower Hamlets is illegal and anticonstitutional.

Thinking in all innocence that the management of the library are ignorant about the contents of the books, I prepared a 7-page report in which I presented the situation, referencing appropriately. They have the exact quotations and the sources, so nothing should be unclear and no claims of ignorance could be made. After a rather long while, I received an e-mail with apologies and a statement that the Idea Store did not apply a censorship policy. Fair enough- and my next question was: ''How come in this case you do not store anything pro-nationalism or anti-multiculturalism?'' The mysterious answer came: ''We don't know.''

Arguing that a non-censorship policy does not mean that materials preaching illegal lifestyles should be included, I asked to be referred to the general manager and that my complaint should be forwarded to her. I have no doubt that it was done; even so I have received no answer to this day (about five months have passed in the meantime.)

Yesterday I found this jewel of wisdom on the shelves of the library:

(Do not choose) ''from the names forbidden for our sons and daughters particular to our enemies, the Jews and the Christians, like: George, David, Michael, Joseph (etc.), since use of these names causes-sooner or later- love of them and feeling of closeness to them and imitating them in their manners and customs and we-Muslims-have been forbidden to imitate our enemies and to have love for them and ties of friendship.''

As far as I know there is something called The Religion Hate Law which this amazing extract should interest. But it probably only works to defend islamization and Muslims' interests. Its mentioning certainly failed to scare the management of the library, who chose to acquire such materials (probably with the help of taxpayers' money) and now choose to shut me off and let them glisten on the shelves of the library like open rotting tumours. Their attitude is the same good old one my best friends sport- remember ''I don't give a flying (f***) fuck''?

At the moment a great lady, Oriana Fallaci- an eminent writer and journalist from Italy, once the land of humanism, is awaiting a court decision. In Europe, our Europe, people are going to prison because they dare to speak out their thoughts- such as whether Moors raped or not nuns at certain monasteries hundreds of years ago.

Is this just a bad dream, or is it here to stay? If La Fallaci, one of a kind, elderly and suffering, risks being thrown in prison in the middle of us, in the middle of Europe for writing a book, why is a three-a-pence Muslim author allowed to openly and freely preach hate against Christians and Jews from the shelves of a London library?


By the way, the book is ''Manners of Welcoming the New Born Child in Islaam'' by Yoosuf ibn 'Abdullah Al-'Areefee, translated by Aboo Talhah Daawood ibn Roland Burbank, published by Maktaba Dar-us Salam (UK), Birmingham B9 5XL, Tel/fax 0121-772-1572. The quotation is from page 45.


I am desperately asking for your help. Is there any English journalist willing to review some of these books and bring to the knowledge of the public their content and the abuse of the English laws the Idea Store library is committing?


With anticipated thanks,

Lorena G.

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