Alan Caruba / May 22, 2009

There is, in fact, nothing new in the recent arrest of four American-born Muslims seeking to kill Jews in their houses of worship, two synagogues in New York City.


The killing of Jews goes back to the early years of Islam when the Jews of the Qurayzah tribe, one of a few that had settled in Arabia, refused to accept Mohammed’s claim to be the prophet of a new religion called Islam.


By that time, after Islam was initiated in 622 A.D., Judaism had been around over two thousand years and the story of their own prophets had become a history that the emerging religion of Christianity incorporated as well, along with its own saints and martyrs


In true seventh century fashion, Mohammed ordered that all seven hundred men of the Jewish tribe be put to death and their women and children sold as slaves. (Hadith Book 019, Number 4364)  Killing Jews entered the Koran and Islamic lore as a wholly

acceptable thing to do. Though Jews have lived in Arab nations for centuries, they have done so always at the sufferance of the ruling powers and with no hope of protection.


When Israel announced its founding in 1948, thousands of Jews throughout the Middle East were forced to flee to the new nation for their lives. In the years leading up to its independence, attacks on Jewish settlers were commonplace.


In America, Jews have been the victims of attacks by jihadists, radical Islamists, going back to the late 1970s. In March 1977 Hanafi Muslims seized three buildings in Washington, D.C., including the headquarters of the B’nai B’rith. They held hostages for 39 hours. There was one death as a result.


In November 1990, El Sayyid Nosair assassinated Rabbi Meir Kahane in a New York hotel. In March 1994, Rashid Baz, a Palestinian immigrant, opened fire on a van carrying orthodox Jewish boys crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, killing one of them.


In 1997, another Palestinian, Ali Hasan Abu Kamal, shot at seven tourists visiting the top of the Empire State building, killing one and wounding another. His suicide note said that U.S. was using Israel against the Palestinians.


The 9/11 Islamic terrorists killed not only Jews in the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, but co-religionists and, of course, many Christians. With the exception of the Muslims they killed, the others were all infidels, unbelievers, and their death is prescribed in the Koran. “When ye encounter the infidels,” Mohammed said, “strike off their heads till ye have made a great slaughter of them.”


Muslims deny the truth of both Jewish and Christian doctrines, nor are they apparently reluctant to kill other Muslims when they gather for prayer in their mosques.


There are other incidents, but they all represent the hatred many Muslims feel toward Jews even if they have never met one. More than sixty years of attacks on Israel tells you everything you need to know about how Middle Eastern Muslims feel about Jews.

The entire region is suffused in anti-Semitism, they breathe it like the air.


So the news of the arrests of four criminals, all of whom had converted to Islam while in prison, will now be added to the scoreboard that all American Jews carry around in the back of their mind.


It is ironic that Barack Hussein Obama garnered so much of the Jewish vote to become President. This is a man who wants to close down “Gitmo” and put its terrorist detainees in American prisons where they presumably will be able to infect other prisoners with the same cancerous hatred that motivated the thwarted wannabe jihadists.


At this point, not only will no state will accept the Guantanamo detainees, but no other nation wants them either. One out of seven of those released to date has returned to the occupation of Islamic terrorist.


This latest batch of holy warriors for Islam was not taken on the field of battle in Iraq or Afghanistan. They were born here.

A word to the wise for all those who think America is to blame for terrorist acts; they are authorized by the Koran.


A tip of the hat to Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum for his catalog of attacks on American Jews in recent times.


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