Alan Caruba / Jun 29, 2007

With astonishing prescience, on June 28 British pundit, Melanie Phillips, posted comments on the new government at 10 Downing Street.


Titled “The alliance shudders”, she asked, “So is Britain’s new Prime Minister Gordon Brown going to defend the free world or surrender it to its enemies? Will he cut through all the dissimulation and manipulation by jihadis and their western useful idiots and instead call the threat to the free world by its proper name?”


Within hours of that post, on June 29 a car bomb that failed to go off in London was disabled. Parked outside a trendy nightspot, Tiger Tiger, it could have killed as many as 1,700 people or more. In the reporting that immediately followed, both in England and America, “the threat to the free world” was repeatedly not identified as Islamic terrorism, but rather was left in a limbo of comments to the effect that it certainly looked like a jihadist bomb, but who knows, it could have been a Boy Scout prank.


Phillips noted that the bad news about the war on terrorism just got worse as the new Prime Minister had chosen advisors, with one exception, who represent the worst instincts when it comes to facing down al Qaeda and its cohorts throughout the Middle East whether in Iran or Syria, Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt, the Palestinian territories, or the Saudis who worldwide fund the most belligerent form of Islam, Wahhabism.


What too many Americans and Brits seemed determined to ignore is the cold reality of the hatred that has been directed at them before and since the founding of Israel. Hardly a day has gone by since 1948 that the mosques of the Middle East and throughout the world have not been filled with the insane vitriol of mullahs fulminating against the two bulwark nations of freedom and democracy.


Even President Bush, speaking recently in a mosque, repeated the nonsense that it is merely a handful of fanatics and not the whole of the ulema, the term used by Muslims to describe the brotherhood of all Muslims, that is to blame for the now long history of bombings, hostage takings, beheadings and other offenses to modern, civilized behavior.


While the Brits began to investigate the latest effort to kill innocent citizens out for a night on the town, PM Brown had just named David Miliband as his new foreign secretary. Phillips noted that he “was reportedly opposed to war in Iraq and…attacked Israel’s action in Lebanon last year.” She warned that, “His appointment is thus a clear signal that Britain is now distancing itself from America.” 


It gets worse. Among the new PM’s ministers is Sir Mark Malloch Brown, best known to Americans as an apologist and defender of the United Nation’s utterly corrupt Iraq Food-for-Oil program, one of the worst scandals to hit that rat’s nest of dictatorships and tyrannies. While Brown was in charge of the UN Development Program, its officials were alleged, said Phillips, to be “apparently up to their necks in corruption scams stretching from North Korea to Zimbabwe.” Sir Brown is also closely linked to hedge fund tycoon, billionaire George Soros, who hates everything America represents.


How might we now expect Britain to respond to the growing threat of a nuclear Iran?


Just how badly does Iran, that funds terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas, hate America? On January 26, 2005, the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told a group of Hajj pilgrims, “However, as a consequence of the insolent and foolishly reckless conduct of the U.S. and British rulers, (their) mask of deception and hypocrisy has been fractured. With their own hands, they have stuffed the hearts of Muslim nations and youth with hatred for the arrogant imperialists.”


With considerably irony, he added, “Should free elections be held today in any Muslim country, the people would definitely vote against the wishes of the U.S. and Britain.”

There are, with exceptions, few free elections in Muslim nations and none where so-called royal families are in charge.


Meanwhile, the harsh, ugly reality behind the latest attempted bombing in London and all the other outrages perpetrated by Muslims were summed up in a sermon delivered by Saudi cleric, Muhammad Al-Munajjid. On January 1, 2005, speaking of Christian holidays on Al-Majd TV, he said, “The problem is that the Christian holidays are accompanied by forbidden things, by immorality, abomination, adultery, alcohol, drunken dancing, and…revelry. They spend the entire night defying Allah.”


The patrons in London’s Tiger Tiger were “defying Allah” as do all Westerners who engage in the many things Islam forbids. Killing them, by the laws of Islam, is permissible. Killing any infidel is permissible.


This is why the enemy of the world must be named repeatedly. The terrorists are not “allegedly” Muslims. They are Muslims. The war they wage is not just against America and Britain. It is being waged in Africa. It is being waged in Asian nations and in the nations of the Pacific Basin. And it is being waged where Islam was born and from where it takes its marching orders, in the Middle East.


It is a war between Islam and all other religions. Should the West retreat from battle it is a war that will mark the end of modern civilization.




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© Alan Caruba, July 2007

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