Tony Nassif / May 20, 2003

Al Qaeda Regrouping?

Recent terrorist attacks are attributed to Al Qaeda. Some say they have regrouped and in operation. To get a perspective, let's examine some facts. For decades and with impunity Al Qaeda has deeply embedded operatives throughout the United States and numerous other strategic countries They possessed the freedom to store tremendous amounts of explosives and weapons in those countries.

The Sophistication of Current Attacks

The image of the terrorist attacks presented by the press give the impression that Al Qaeda is functioning normally and sophisticated.

However, the dynamics of the attacks are very basic and simple without sophistication.

1. A few operatives delivered the bombs. This doesn't take sophistication just determination.

2. Explosive supplies are most likely enormous given the years of opportunity to stockpile and easy to strap them to the bodies of suicide bombers and commit the abominable.

3. It will take years to locate and clean out the nest but the attack has begun.

U.S. Foreign Policy: The Previous Administration

Al Qaeda Free to Operate in U.S. and Abroad

While Al Qaeda was "free" to recruit, plan and attack U.S. interests here and abroad, the response and foreign policy of the previous administration for eight years was basically an Ostrich foreign policy of ignoring the "cancer" and hoping it goes away.

The Previous Military Strikes Against the U.S.

What was the previous Administration's response to the first military (and that what it was) attack on the World Trade Center, the bombings of the U.S. Embassies in Africa, the attack on the US ship in Yemen?

All of these were treated as a criminal action rather than a military strike at America. A few extremists were put in jail or indicted and nothing more said.

The Military Strike?

Oh, there was a military strike. Let's see, a couple cruise missiles on an empty training camp in Afghanistan, an attack on a commercial products factory in Sudan. What were the results?

When Saddam attempted to assassinate Bush One, the response was to bomb an empty building. Imagine, the attempt on Bush One was actually an attack on America. What must Al Qaeda thought of such a weak and feeble response?

Al Qaeda's View of American Response

Imagine what Al Qaeda operatives must have thought at the weak response of the previous administration to the attacks on America. These men were ready to die for their cause. All they see from the previous administration of a super power is a few jail sentences and a couple cruise missiles rather than a total and massive military response. Basically, this response stirred the hornet's nest rather than destroy it. Next target: 911.

Current War on Terrorism/Al Qaeda

President Bush was on target when he said that the war on terror may take years but it will be won. He is pragmatic acknowledging that a "vipers" who have had years to embed themselves are not going to be destroyed quickly.

Nevertheless, great strides have been made against this enemy. Top leaders of Al Qaeda have been captured or otherwise disposed of. Hundreds of attacks have been thwarted. Even in Saudi Arabia a terrorist cell was broken up and hundreds of pounds of explosives were captured along with other intelligence.

Al Qaeda and Cold War Communism

The philosophy of Communism was to proceed with a bayonet. If you encounter mush then proceed. If you encounter steel retreat. This is the nature of all evil. Cancer untreated will spread and ultimately kill. Fortunately, with radiation many patients see the cancer cells destroyed and live a long and healthy life.

I believe it was Edmund Burke who said

&All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing&.

The Parallels between Al Qaeda and Cold War Communism:

They both sought world domination. They are both intolerant of freedom. The end justifies the means i.e. suicide bombings, murder, oppression. They both adhere to a cultic form of religion. Communism adhered to the religion of atheism. Al Qaeda adheres to a religion of the religion of extremist Islam which justifies death to unbelievers.

NOTE: This is an extreme view. In fact in many nations Muslims and Christians have had a positive relationship. I am of Lebanese heritage and know for a fact that for many years this has been the fact in Lebanon...until extreme Islam began its incursion into Lebanon, the Middle East and the world. Even now Muslim and Christian alike in Lebanon want Syria and the extremists to leave them alone to build, prosper and contribute to world civilization just as their ancestors, the Phoenicians did for thousands of years.

Democratic Criticism of Bush Administration

It's a sad state of affairs when politicians seek to take political advantage of human tragedy.

It appears that they forgot (by choice or otherwise) some important facts.

1. The previous administration allowed Al Qaeda to deepen and broaden operations through weakness and complacency gave them the ability to attack America.

2. The Bush Administration has taken strong steps to eradicate the problem of terrorism and has caught or terminated thousands of terrorist operatives/leaders (even the mastermind behind 911) and prevented hundreds of attacks.

Yet, Democratic hopefuls (66% of Americans can't name any) seek to take political advantage of human tragedy. Where were their voices during the previous Administration?

The Roots of Al Qaeda

In light of recent terrorist attacks it is necessary to understand that the roots of terrorism go deep into the fire of Hades. I submit the following:

1. They show no tolerance for people of other faiths
2. They kill civilian women, children and men.
3. They bring disdain and harm to the Arabic speaking people and even the Muslim faith. Their murderous acts present an image of Arabs and Muslims as crazy, insane fanatics.
4. They invert the personages of God and Satan. God is the author of life. Satan, as Jesus said, is "...the murderer from the beginning..."

The Weapons of Warfare--Military and Spiritual

What is the most effective antidote to terrorism? It is two fold.

1. Military

First, as President Bush is doing, apply all available resources e.g. military operations, intelligence, etc. to destroy the viper's nest and plans.

2. Spiritual

There is a real and evil personage whose goal is the death and destruction of mankind. To deny this fact is like saying that Hitler and Stalin were misguided rather than the insidious evil they were.

3. American Goodness

Returning to traditional family morality, presenting the image of America as a benefactor of moral decency will thwart the tactics of extremists and enhance a positive image of America in the Middle East and the world.

Family is of the most extreme importance to the people of the Middle East regardless of religion.

Terrorism: Manifest Hatred of Arabs, Muslims, Christians and Jews

There is only one result of terrorist bombings, namely an attempt to stop the "Road Map" to a Palestinian homeland and peace for Israel. It is an attack on all people.

The Goal:

The wall of the "Evil Empire" of communism was torn down by two great weapons: The military buildup of Ronald Reagan and the intercessory prayers of the Church. Terrorism is another form of the "Evil Empire". Same goal, different manifestation. Learning from history of the Reagan policies of the Cold War Era will lead to the ultimate downfall of this 21st century "Evil Empire" of terrorism.

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